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Join Virgin's Mexican Wave

Join Virgin's Mexican Wave

It’s time to wave goodbye to crowded airport terminals and start your holiday in style. At both Gatwick and Manchester the new Virgin V-rooms mean you can rock up and chill out in total style before your flight – Nicky Thornton tried the Gatwick V-room en route for a Virgin Holidays trip to Mexico and she's a fan!

The relaxed atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the main airport concourse, proved the perfect start to what was a perfect holiday!

I flew out Premium Economy Class which added to the relaxed ambiance – and it is a choice which I would recommend to others.  The extra investment delivers much more than a glass or two of bubbly and extra-special service: it also secures wonderfully spacious seating on what is a ten and a half hour flight between Gatwick and Mexico.

It’s hard to believe that, in mid-winter, that flight can whisk you from icy misery to a powdery sandy beach with turquoise crystal clear water.  It was wonderful to leave the winter blues behind and find myself swimming in that soft warm sea and – still better - travelling on a catamaran  to swim with manatees and sharks before heading to a sun-drenched island where we had the choice of sunbathing, snorkeling or skimming over land and ocean on a zip line.  I chose the latter and found it one of the most exhilarating and memorable of all holiday experiences – breathtaking scenery and a breathtaking activity!

Everywhere we went in Mexico we were greeted with welcoming smiles from the local people who were so friendly and happy to help with anything we wanted.  They are justifiably proud of their beautiful country and seem genuinely to enjoy showing off its amazing attractions, from sunny beaches to stunning ruins which take even the casual visitor back to the times of ancient civilizations.

Mexico has been soaring in popularity as a holiday destination in recent years with visitors charmed by the quiet Riviera Maya and thrilled by the lively Cancun scene, but the tourism offer in this huge country is so diverse that it seems a shame to restrict your travels to just the better- known attractions.  If you are Mexico-bound, talk to us about adding a little extra excitement to your vacation.  You may be surprised at how easy (and cost effective) it is to plan and book ahead so that your trip will include highlights that will add magic to your memories … go shopping on the fabulous Zona Rosa in Mexico city … celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead!) festival in Oaxaca … see the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán or shop for silver in Taxco … the opportunities are limitless.

Call Nicky at our Lisburn branch on 028 9263 5206 to join the Mexican wave!

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