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Plane Talk: Top 20 Tips for Economy Travellers

Plane Talk: Top 20 Tips for Economy Travellers

Turning right into Economy? Make your flight feel more like first class with Oasis Travel’s Top Twenty favourite tips, gleaned from regular travellers with high aspirations but low travel budgets.

  1. Use a good travel bag with easy access to all the things you’ll need to make your trip comfortable, but with enough zipped closures to make sure your belongings don’t tumble down the aisle. Check the airline’s specific allowances before you pack but don’t feel obliged to take the maximum size permitted.
  2. If you’re going long haul, bring your own travel pillow and blanket (for ladies, a pashmina is the perfect choice)
  3. Those designer jeans will seem much less cool and attractive after a few hours in cramped seat - wear comfortable, ideally loose fitting, non-crease clothes. You want to arrive looking fresh and stylish however so choose something that combines a touch of style with ‘comfy’. Layers are the best option allowing you to adapt to any temperature.
  4. Compression socks: if you think you may need to wear them for medical reasons then check with your doctor which sort would be best suited to your condition. 
  5. Bring your own Amenities Kit.  It may not be the designer goodie bag offered in first class, but you’ll be glad to have some of life’s little luxuries near at hand. Toothpaste & brush, eye mask, hand sanitiser, deodorant and tissues are obvious, but throw in a pen and note book too plus a pack of mints. The low humidity in the skies delivers a double whammy, drying out already dry skin and causing oily skin to create more oil (in compensation) leading to … eek … spots! Guys and girls - moisturise lavishly before you go on board and pack a rich cream in that Amenity Bag for instant refreshing boosts.
  6. Clear cosmetic bags are a boon to the OCD packer. See what you have at a glance.
  7. The consensus of opinion amongst our group of travellers is that spray mists make you feel great for the moment, but dries out almost instantly, leaving your skin feel worse rather than better. There are some specialist spray mists products out there, but our advice is that the best hydration is drinking plenty of water.
  8. Bring a bottle of water on board.  You won’t need to worry about spillage from those little plastic cups which balance precariously on your tray table, plus if it’s kept handy you’ll be more inclined to sip regularly.
  9. Escape from all that noise and bustle. Minted? Go for noise cancelling earphones. Skint? Bring earplugs.
  10. Change into slipper socks when you get on board.
  11. Load up your iPad, smart phone, or Kindle with your preferred entertainment. That book you always meant to read; the movie you’ve been longing to watch … plus some games and puzzles to while away an idle moment and perhaps a magazine or two for a light alternative.
  12. As well as the relevant chargers, bring a power bank – they always come in handy for an extra boost of charge when you’re on the move.
  13. Do not play peek-a-boo with the cute little kid in the seat in front.  You will tire of the game long before he/she does.  In fact avoid any contact with other people’s children. They cry, kick the seats and generally test your patience.  You can probably get all of that at home. Treat harassed parents with sympathy; it could be you.
  14. Airplane food is usually quite good these days but even so it’s worth stocking up on some fruit, snacks and energy bars before you reach the Departure Lounge.  Healthy nibbles will keep you going if you don’t much fancy the menu and they’re great boredom-busters! Avoid nuts as a courtesy to other passengers who may have an allergy.
  15. Be wary of alcohol, particularly if it’s free.  High altitude increases the effects of alcohol on the body. Alcohol dehydrates you and will probably disturb your sleep patterns … maybe even worsen your jet lag symptoms. On the other hand, if you’re in holiday mood, a little toast to travel may be just what’s needed to set the mood. All things in moderation.
  16. Get up and move around.  Do a few (unobtrusive!) exercises.
  17. Keep essentials close at hand – glasses, medication etc.
  18. If you’re knackered at the outset of your journey every small delay and travel hassle will add to your irritation. Get a good night’s sleep before departure and set off feeling well rested and ready for anything.
  19. Be nice to the flight crew and they’ll be nice to you.
  20. Don’t bolt for the exit. Undignified. Unnecessary and not very First Class … wherever you’ve been seated.

If you found this helpful, you should check out the Oasis Travel blog for a range of travel advice and destination information.

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