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Top 20 Packing Tips for Check-In Luggage

Top 20 Packing Tips for Check-In Luggage

Our experts at Oasis Travel weigh in with some of their personal, tried and tested top tips for perfect packing …

  1. Check the baggage allowance of the airline you will be travelling with, then weigh and measure your luggage to make absolutely sure you comply.  Remember you may well want to bring home some souvenirs of your trip so don’t feel you have to pack to the absolute weight limit as you set off.
  2. Buy lightweight wheeled luggage. Not only is it easier to lug around with you, it also avoids means wasting your permitted weight allocation.Set of Colourful Trolley Luggage Cases
  3. Many cases look alike. Make your case easy to spot at the carousel with some stickers or by tying coloured ribbons or shoelaces to the handle.
  4. Label your luggage with your name, phone number and destination address … inside as well as out.  Avoid putting your home address on the outside luggage tag as a quick scan of the information could tell an unscrupulous fellow traveller that there’s no-one there.
  5. Snap a photo of your luggage on your mobile so that, if it does go missing, you can show someone what you’re hunting for.
  6. Be like Santa … ‘makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice’. Planning will help you focus on what you need as opposed to how much you can stuff in and it should mean you don’t forget anything major.
  7. Check the weather forecast at your destination and pack accordingly.  Remember, if you’re heading for extreme heat, you may also run into extreme air conditioning so an extra layer may be useful.  For ladies a pashmina in a neutral tone is really useful.
  8. Be aware of the culture in your destination.  Revealing outfits are a major no-no for women in many countries, but men too need to be careful about giving offence ... in some countries both men and women are advised to avoid sporting sleeveless shirts and shorts.  Some cultures find visible tattoos offensive.
  9. The ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ is a figment of the Fashion Editor’s fevered imagination.  No normal person can make three outfits look like thirty-three so don’t beat yourself up about slim packings. However do try to pack clothes that are versatile. For ladies that might mean a simple dress that can be dressed up for evening and down for daytime; for guys maybe a pair of chinos that can go from casual to smart with a change of shirt.
  10. Pack COMFORTABLE footwear!  Remember that your feet may swell slightly in a hot climate so shoes that are a tad neat at home can prove torture when you attempt to strut your funky stuff on foreign soil!  Shoes are bulky to pack so think carefully about what you actually need.  Ladies - neutral or metallic colours go with almost anything and can work well for dressing up or down.
  11. Place the heaviest things so they’ll be at the bottom of your bag when it’s standing upright.  They will stop your case from toppling and will guard against creasing.
  12. Experts say that rolling clothes allows you to fit more in your case and helps avoid creases, but if you prefer to fold try folding two or three garments together.  They create a little extra wadding and are less susceptible to deep creasing.  Remember that these days you’ll probably have access to an iron at your destination hotel – and to a laundry service if you’re feeling flush!
  13. Choose a hang up wash bag. They are super convenient and don’t use up shelf space in cramped hotel bathrooms.
  14. Use clear zip-close cosmetic bags to pack not only your cosmetics but also bits and bobs such as your universal travel adaptor, gadget charge leads etc.  You can see where you’ve put anything at a glance.
  15. Pack a large plastic bag for your laundry plus a re-usable folding nylon shopping bag.
  16. Do you really need to pack a hairdryer or are you putting it in your case ‘to be sure, to be sure’?  Check in advance with your hotel and don’t waste precious space in your case.
  17. If you are packing liquids amongst your clothes put them in zip lock bags to avoid spillage.
  18. Don’t bother to pack a beach towel. They take up a lot of room and you can so easily buy one at your destination, if not already provided by your accommodation.
  19. A TSA-approved padlock is perfect for securing your luggage and will avoid potential damage to your bag if it has to be opened by baggage handlers or security inspector.
  20. Remember they have shops where you’re going … you can probably buy anything you’ve forgotten to pack!

Our agents are on hand in our network of Northern Ireland branches ready and willing to give you helpful travel tips like these. Give us a call or drop by your nearest office the next time you are passing.

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