River Cruises

Wake up to a different view each day, cruise into the heart of towns and cities, and glide along the world’s spectacular waterways. It’s easy to see why river cruising is becoming so popular as you can enjoy impeccable service, fascinating excursions and a variety of onboard entertainment to create an amazing travel experience

River Cruising at its finest

Relax in contemporary comfort as you explore the world’s most iconic rivers, from culture-rich cities to famous wine regions. Our teams can provide bespoke, immersive itineraries suited to your needs and holiday wishes, whether you want to drift through the backwaters of India, embrace the fairytale castles along the Rhine or meander through the plentiful attractions of Eastern Europe. If you want to unwind on the water, take in the picturesque scenery and enjoy new landscapes on a daily basis then a river cruise is the holiday for you. You can also enjoy a more intimate sailing experience just the way you like it, with a more dedicated service allowing you to connect with like-minded travellers, relish in world-class facilities and let the destinations come to you