Think you’ve seen it all? Think again. Here we present some of our favourite far flung destinations, as we travel from the depths of the Indian Subcontinent to the hidden gems of Asia. If you want to create a pioneering travel experience, which fosters authenticity and leaves the masses behind, discover some of our off the beaten track adventures.

The Road Less Travelled

Nepal is the land of the Himalayas, with charming hill villages, golden temples and jungle wildlife, calling you towards this beautiful trekkers’ paradise. To get the most out of this experience, the city of  Kathmandu is a must-visit, presenting you with all the sights, sounds and smells, in the form of spice bazaars, shrines and artisan shops. One of the city’s main attractions is Dunbar square, which dates back to the third century and is surrounded by historic temples and attractive courtyards.

Nepal has an abundance of wildlife, which you can observe during a fascinating national park safari in Chitwan, featuring  Bengal tigers, gharial crocodiles and a host of exotic birds. Beyond this you will find clusters of medieval villages and narrow cobbled streets, all watched over by the great Mount Everest. As you journey through this mountain kingdom  you will embrace the feeling of peace and serenity, making Nepal one of the most sacred tourist destinations on the planet.

Bangladesh is south Asia’s jewel, untapped by the flocks of tourists, and boasting a dramatic variety of record setting landscapes, from the longest beach to the largest mangrove forest in the world. If you seek to see these magnificent feats, we are here to assist you. Sundarbans Mangrove forest is the largest mangrove forest on earth and a UNESCO heritage site, covering a large majority of Bangladesh’s southwest. Its array on freshwater rivers merge with saltwater, allowing an incredibly diverse ecosystem to thrive in a place of surreal beauty. In this habitat you may spot wild boar, spotted deer, dolphins, monkeys and if you are fortunate, the endangered Bengal tiger.

For total tranquillity, you should visit Srimangal, which is the tea capital of Bangladesh. Treat yourself to a calm and peaceful environment, as you cycle through the trails in the tea plantations, enjoy tasting experiences and explore nearby forests and villages.  For those feeling extra adventurous the trek to discover the Hamham Waterfalls is highly recommended.

India is a special destination, that creates magical memories that will stay with you long after you have returned home. From the variety of festivals and landscapes to the vibrant colours and warmth of the locals, here you will discover amazing experiences that are sure to overload your senses. A suitable starting point is the Taj Mahal. One of the seven Wonders of the World and the most iconic symbol of India, this wonder, widely considered one of the most beautiful architectural creations, is a must for any traveller’s list.

The food in India is just as varied as the culture, offering a wide range of satisfying dishes in each region. Thick, creamy curries, which are moderately spicy are preferred in the North, while in the South, you can taste spicier options, with key ingredients of coconut and seafood. Once you have enjoyed some local cuisine, you can escape the busyness and trade the city for one of India’s picturesque southern beaches and even take in the spectacular sunset.

Home to ancient civilisation, India’s architecture is heavily rooted in religion and history. You can explore the range of mosques, palaces, temples and ruins, and observe the country’s enthralling transition across dynasties. For more of an Art Deco style, visit West-coast Mumbai, which also plays host to shopping extravaganzas and vibrant nightlife.

If you are looking for adventure…India is the place for you!

Uzbekistan may not be an obvious choice for travellers, but with its paramount location on the ancient Silk Road trade route and its fascinating Soviet history, the country has been welcoming tourists for over two millennia. Sitting in the heart of central Asia, Uzbekistan is home to some of the Silk Road’s most iconic sights, including the three great cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand.

The architecture is a fascinatingly diverse, as you discover glistening mosques, solid rock fortresses and a variety of stark soviet buildings. Head out of the cities and you will find massive sandy expanses, mountainous landscapes as well as clean, lakeside beaches.



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