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Something Different

Been there?  Done that?  Ready to add a little spice to your holiday and do something different? What about booking your personal Ferrari for a drive around Paris, taking a safari trek through Africa or deep sea diving in the Maldives?  If you're up for No Limits travel, a world of opportunities await.

Sandy Lane

For those that know, it's the premier address in the Caribbean.  Sandy Lane, Barbados is the holiday hideaway of choice for ultra glamorous, super star guests from around the world. Could it be your choice too, for that special holiday you've always promised yourself?

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Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah

Three quite different destinations, each blending oriental comtemporary opulence, superb cuisine, incredible shopping with a glimpse into an ever-engaging and ever-intriguing arabic culture.

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The Classic Rail Adventure

It is one of the world's quintessential railway journeys and figures on many a bucket list! To travel on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is to sample an exceptional level of luxury and privilege. A work of art in itself and a true Art Deco icon, the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train is everything you always hoped for.

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Heli-hiking in the Rockies

High altitude adventure in the Bugaboos in Canada.  Join like-minded individuals for the height of adventure in the Canadian Rockies and the Bugaboos!

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China is a vast nation of rich heritage, diverse sights and fascinating cultures and cuisines.  From the bustle of Shanghai's Bund and the crowded vivacity of Kowloon to the beauties of the Yangtse and the lush tropical rainforests of Hainan; from the West Lake in Hangzhou to teh mountain peaks of Anhui ... there is a whole world in this wonderful country.

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South Africa

South Africa has everything from breathtaking scenery, world-class wines, cosmopolitan towns and of course wildlife that will make you feel as though you are a documentary film-maker!

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India is a land full of colour and delight with bustling streets, snow dusted mountains, untouched national parks, iconic landmarks and golden beaches, not to mention one of the world's most varied and exciting cuisines. India is so rewarding and its people so welcoming that you could find yourself coming back again and again to explore.

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Ferrari Self Drive Tour

The ultimate millionaire lifestyle: zapping around the gorgeous Italiian countryside in an equally glorious Ferrari. During your trip you will sleep in the best hotels, dine in the finest restaurants and generally live the dream ... so what's shopping you?

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Green Spain

Glaica, Cantabria, Asturias and The Basque Country ... follow the Atlantic coast from the Portuguese border to the Pyrenees to see 'Green Spain' at its lushest and loveliest. Here you will find magnificent Romanesque architecture, quiet sandy beaches, soft green landscapes and the gastronimic joys of fabulous seafood, dairy produce and delicous Rioja wine.

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Experience Antarctica on board an expeditition cruise, discovering a corner of the world which few people have the privilege of seeing.  Your luxury ship will glide effortlessly through a fantasy seascape of tones of blue and white, with shimmering, glistening ice creating a landscape unlike anywhere else on earth where  nature and wildlife thrive dispite the challenges of the climate.

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