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China is a vast nation of rich heritage, diverse sights and fascinating cultures and cuisines.  From the bustle of Shanghai's Bund and the crowded vivacity of Kowloon to the beauties of the Yangtse and the lush tropical rainforests of Hainan; from the West Lake in Hangzhou to teh mountain peaks of Anhui ... there is a whole world in this wonderful country.



Don't be over-whelmed by the size and diversity of China or put off by the fact that so few of us can speak chinese: everything in China will make you feel welcome.  It's no 'home from home' - you wouldn't want it to be! - but you will certainly want to be better aquainted with a land which so symbolises the exotic East.

There are wonderful 'off the peg' vacations on offer - or let us create for you a  bespoke itinerary to take in some of the iconic sights and add a dash of originality with unique experiences in destinations which are still little-known to Westerners.

Xian is best known to travellers as the home of the perfectly preserved terracotta army, but the city's remarkable 14th century walls, its Giant Wild Goose Pagoda,  Bell Tower and the Muslim quarter give lots of reasons to stay longer and see more.

Beijing & the Great Wall. The capital is teeming with must-see sites including Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall all but to name a few. We'll help you plan 'outside the box' and add a few less conventional extras to your trip: eat Peking Duck in one the city's specialits restaurants ... enjoy the Beijing Opera (more robust and less formal than it sounds!) ... try Tai Chi in a city centre park or visit a craft workshop.

Cruise the mighty Yangtze River, the longest river in Aisa, taking in a flavour of its dramactic scenery and stopping at a different town or village each day.

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